What the Labour Movement Can Learn From Owen Jones’ Ongoing Mistakes

Thoughts of a Leicester Socialist

With the final votes all tallied up, now is the time for the working-class to celebrate – we deserve that — and then we should quickly move on to escalate our immediate demands for a Corbyn-led Labour government to come to power.

On the other hand for those political commentators who previously lost faith in both Corbyn and the working-class, now is also the time for welcome apologies. In his latest column for The Guardian (June 9) Owen Jones at last admits, “I owe Corbyn, John McDonnell, Seumas Milne, his policy chief Andrew Fisher, and others, an unreserved, and heartfelt apology.” He goes on to point out his many errors:

“…I came to believe that, yes, indeed Labour was heading for a terrible defeat that would crush all the things I believed in. That’s what all the polling, byelections and the local elections seemed to say. I thought people had…

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